Trust your reputation with ours.

At Agropur, we know that you won’t put your name on just any product. Your name is your reputation, and the product has to meet strict and demanding levels of quality. We share your uncompromising dedication to the best products possible, and work diligently to source the best ingredients and packaging, at reasonable prices.

Agropur enjoys successful business relationships with a large number of private label companies from across Canada, and the United States.  These visionary companies work with us because of the experience and knowledge we bring to the industry. We create innovative, quality products that they are proud to put their name on.  They know that our staff will go above and beyond to provide excellent service that will ensure their company’s success. From product development and package design to production, quality assessment and shipping, our private label partners rely on us to deliver. 

Read on, to answer many of your questions about building your brands reputation with Agropur.

Who should I contact when I’m ready to build a partnership with Agropur?

Please contact our administrative offices at (902) 895-8430 and ask to be put in contact with our Activation Director- Ice Cream, Agropur Cooperative.

What is the process for product development?

The Agropur Research & Development Specialists works closely with our customers to create innovative new products.  These products are developed by watching trends that are developing from around the world (or we create new ones), as well as by providing traditional favourites. Through lab samples, plant trial runs, and official nutritional analysis, our customers can be confident about the final product that reaches their store shelves.

What type of products can be made?

Agropur’s team can produce a large range of frozen dairy and water ice desserts and novelties ranging from ice cream, frozen yogurt, sherbet and frozen dairy as the base. The segment of products can range from premium to economy valued, and indulgent to healthier options.

The products themselves can have a number of inclusions, ripples or even coatings.  They can be higher in fat, lower in fat or even sugar free. We can work with your team to develop a variety of profitable products that provide healthier alternatives, organic options, or products that can include probiotics, omega-3’s, and even fruit and vegetable purées.

We have varying mold shapes that we use to produce extruded, differently shape novelties. We also utilize state of the art equipment to enable the addition of inclusions into novelties.

The Agropur R&D team works to bring creative product ideas to fruition. It starts with an idea in a product developer’s mind, and becomes a favorite selection in a consumer’s freezer.

What package options are available?

A large percentage of our ice cream products are packaged in paper containers and there is a large range in volume sizes from 946 mL to 1.89 L.  We also produce ice cream in plastic containers in a 4 L and 11.4 L size.  With the exception of the larger 11.4 L container, the packaging is available with tamper-evident securities put in place for the safety of consumers. Our suppliers are able to achieve beautiful-looking packages that will “pop” off store shelves.

Novelties are produced in a variety of shapes and sizes based on moulds that include extruded, bullet, fluted, and bomb pop shapes to name a few.  Depending on whether the novelties are for individual or retail pack sale, the products are then placed in printed or non-printed wraps of varying materials.  The novelty packaging materials use 100% recyclable cardboard that can be printed for retail or left plain for bulk product sales. Depending on the market, application, and desired price point, the products can be packed in varying quantities.

We work with both our customers and suppliers to determine the best package options for your products to ensure your satisfaction.

What about package designs, translations and proofing?

While most of our customers use their own preferred design firms to develop package artwork, we also provide our customers the option of working with a trusted independent designer who can and often does assist us with our customer’s packaging design needs.

With regards to package information translations, we generally leave this process up to the customer; however we work with a reputable translation firm that is able to provide such a service at a reasonable price.

Our own marketing and R&D staff get involved with the review process as an additional set of eyes to ensure that all the details are scrutinized. We work with the customer to develop timelines needed to meet product launch dates.

What type of quality assurance measures are in place?

Quality is paramount at Agropur! Our Truro ice cream and novelty production facility is certified to a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognized program, Safe Quality Food, Level 2. SQF is built on the foundation of HACCP programs, which are rooted in food safety. SQF deals with components of Food Safety and Food Security among others. These quality programs are living and changing as the needs and demands of our business evolve. We are annually evaluated to ensure that we meet these program requirements.

Tied in closely to these programs are the in-house quality programs of Agropur. These programs serve to ensure that only product that has met our quality guidelines, including regulatory, SQF and in-house quality standards, is sent to the market.

We have the ability to produce organic, Kosher and Halal products and we comply with the requirements for such programs.

With regards to packaging, Agropur recognizes that all packaging has an impact on the environment. Thus, packaging abilities are factored into particular packaging designs and decisions for individual products.

How will my product be shipped/distributed to my warehouse/stores?

In the Atlantic region, Agropur has a distribution system that delivers products to major key accounts, and we work with other organizations to distribute products to additional accounts that our system does not handle. Throughout the rest of Canada we have established partnerships with several facilities that store and/or distribute products that we manufacture for our customers to ensure you get your product when ordered.

We are also experienced in managing the shipping of export business, and are eager to work with you to establish a business relationship that will be mutually beneficial.

What are the payment options?

Our administrative departments are able to receive payment for your orders via EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) or EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), as well as the old fashioned way – cash or cheque.