CATEGORY:  Contact Info

I have a comment or question about Scotsburn branded ice cream and novelty products that are not answered in your FAQ’s who do I contact?

If you have a question, comment or complaint about Scotsburn branded ice cream and novelty products please contact us at or at 1-800-511-6455, or send us a letter to:

Scotsburn Ice Cream Company
c/o Consumer Services
332 Willow Street
Truro, Nova Scotia   B2N 5A5

I have a comment or question about Scotsburn branded fluid milk or refrigerated cultured products that are not answered in you FAQ’s; who do I contact?

If you have a question, comment or complaint about Scotsburn branded fluid milk or refrigerated cultured products (cottage cheese, sour cream butter, etc.) please visit Saputo’s website at or call their toll free number (1-800-672-8866) or email them at or send them a letter to: 

Saputo Dairy Products Canada G.P.
c/o Consumer Relations
2365 Chemin de la Côte-de-Liesse
Saint- Laurent, Quebec   H4N 2M7


CATEGORY:  Ingredients

Are there any antibiotics in the milk or cream used to produce your ice cream?

We use only quality 100% Canadian milk, cream and butter in the production of our ice cream bases, which, due to provincial standards, requires the absence of antibiotics from the milk.  This is enforced by having all milk in Canada thoroughly tested prior to being accepted at the production facility.

I’ve heard that growth hormone and steroids are sometimes used by dairy farmers to increase the amount of milk that is produced.  Can this get into the milk used to make Scotsburn’s ice cream, frozen yogurt or novelty products?

Growth hormones and steroids, used to stimulate milk production in dairy herds, have been used by some dairy farmers in the United States where it is permitted for use.  The use of such hormones however, is not permitted for use by Canadian dairy farmers, therefore it would not be present in the milk used for Scotsburn’s products as we use only 100% Canadian milk in our ice cream bases.

Is the mono and diglycerides used in your products animal or plant based?

The mono and diglycerides used in the ice cream base of our products is plant based, listed as either vegetable or soy. There are many inclusions and ripples added to the variety of ice creams that also include mono and diglycerides for which the source can vary, so if you have a question about a particular product and would like us to find out for you, please contact us at 1-800-511-6455.

CATEGORY:    Products

What does the blue cow 100% Canadian Milk logo mean on your package?

Scotsburn uses only 100% Canadian milk in the production of our ice cream bases for our products.  The majority of our milk comes from our local shareholder/producers in the Atlantic region.  When demand is high and we aren’t able to obtain a large enough supply of cream, we source it from the Quebec or Ontario region. This ensures that we are getting a quality supply of dairy that we know has gone through rigorous testing to be accepted into the system.  We are proud to support our dairy farmers by displaying the 100% Canadian Milk logo on many of our packages, and as a consumer, you can feel good about it too.

Are Scotsburn’s products Kosher?

Yes, all of Scotsburn’s production facilities produce kosher certified products. This means that our kosher certifier COR has determined that these products are fit to eat according to Jewish Dietary Laws. We work directly with the Kashruth Council of Canada to obtain this designation and include the Kosher symbol on all of our retail ice cream, frozen yogurts and novelty products packaging.

I am concerned about the amount of calories/fat I consume; do you have any low fat options?

A proper diet is all about portion control, so depending on your dietary needs, you may be able to occasionally indulge in your favourite Scotsburn products just by being conscious of what is considered a serving size.  All of our products contain nutritional information according to the serving size provided in the table.  For most ice cream products, a serving size is ½ cup (125 mL) serving.   At Scotsburn, we know how hard it can be to resist the sweet creamy taste of our products, so we also offer up some smarter indulgences like our original or Greek frozen yogurts or our Smart Indulgence novelty bars. These options provide reduced fat and calorie options, and may also have additional benefits like being a good source of calcium or protein. 

Several of our 12 pack novelty treats have less than 150 calories (some only have 60 calories), so it makes it easier to find some options to make you feel like you’re not cutting out all your favourite things, while you’re trying to keep on track with your goals.

CATEGORY:   Packaging

How can I dispose of Scotsburn’s packaging?

Ice Cream tubs & lids:

At Scotsburn we believe in using sustainable packaging wherever possible.  The paper ice cream tubs and lids are made from poly coated paperboard, which is the same product as a milk carton. If you live in a region that recycles milk cartons, then these cups and lids should also be recyclable.  You should check with your regional municipal recycling authority first to confirm how they recommend disposing of the containers and lids to be sure. The safety seal used on the packaging should be disposed in your garbage.

Novelty Boxes & wraps:

The boxes used for our retail pack novelties are made from 100% recycled paperboard with a minimum 35% post consumer content and are recyclable where ever recycling programs exist. The opalite wraps used to individually wrap the product should be disposed in the garbage, and it is best to contact your municipal recycling authority for confirmation regarding wooden sticks (unless you save them to make a craft).

CATEGORY:   Allergens/Dietary Concerns

My child is allergic to peanuts; do you make any peanut free products?

Yes, currently we have our Scotsburn 12 pack novelties (Twin and Tropical water ice pops, ice cream and fudge bars as well as our cream pops are all peanut free.) Please be sure to read the allergen statements available on our packaging to confirm which products are labeled as peanut free.

I have gluten allergens/sensitivities, are any of your products gluten free?

While a number of our products do not contain any wheat/gluten ingredients; they do not qualify as gluten free as they are produced on equipment that processes other products that do contain wheat/gluten which creates the potential for cross contamination. All Scotsburn products have the allergens listed on the package. Please review these if you have any concerns.

Consumers with allergies are advised to read our packaging labels every time and take note of the allergen statement which clearly identifies ingredients contained in a product, and ones that the product could have been exposed to.  If you are still unsure, or have additional questions about any food sensitivities, please feel free to contact our Consumer Services line at 1-800-511-6455 or at

CATEGORY:    Product Handling

How do I keep my Scotsburn ice cream tasting creamy and fresh?

Once you’ve purchased your ice cream or novelties, it is important to get it into your freezer as quickly as possible to reduce the amount of temperature abuse it is exposed to.  This is because once the product begins to melt and then becomes refrozen, the product will form ice crystals that reduce the product quality.

Ice cream products purchased for home use need to be kept colder than other frozen foods to prevent ice crystal formation, and should be kept at an optimal temperature of -27ºC (-15ºF).

Once purchased and taken home, frozen desserts stored in your freezer can be kept as long as 3 months (unopened) if stored at -27ºC.  Once opened, ice cream can remain fresh for about 3 weeks. Avoid storing ice cream in the front end of the freezer, near the door, where it is constantly exposed to fluctuations in temperature.

CATEGORY:   Availability

I live in Ontario (or the United States) and can’t find any Scotsburn products; where can I get them?

Scotsburn branded ice cream, frozen yogurt and novelty products are currently sold throughout the Atlantic Provinces at many major retailers and some smaller retail chains or convenience stores. We have also recently entered the Quebec market in some of the Loblaw and Provigo banner stores.  You could always ask your store managers to inquire about making our products available in their stores.  If that doesn’t work, Scotsburn is the producer of many private label brands of ice cream and novelties that are sold across Canada, so you may be able to satisfy your cravings for the taste of our creamy ice cream by purchasing one your favourite store branded products- you just never know; it may have been made by Scotsburn; true fans will be able to tell the difference!

I can’t seem to find my favourite flavour of ice cream anymore?  Do you still make it?

If you’re having trouble finding one of your favourite Scotsburn products at your local store, it is always a great idea to check with the store manager or another person from the frozen foods department. There are several possible reasons why a product might not be available, so if the store manager is unable to tell you a reason, feel free to contact our Consumer Services line at 1-800-511-6455 or email us at